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Come Create With Us!

Do you sew, quilt, knit, or crochet?   Do you want to learn?   Here is an opportunity to use your talents, learn new skills, share with others and donate to a worthy cause.  We make needed items and donate them to different organizations.   Our goal is to lift people’s spirits with these gifts, and show them Christ’s love, caring, and generosity.   Anyone who has a giving heart and loves to create is welcome!

If this is your first visit, and you want to learn more about us, click here.

See the Current Projects and Patterns pages for information on what Projects we are working on!   Please remember that regardless of the ‘lessons’ at a particular Workshop, you may work on any project you desire!  Please do come and be a part of the social time, we want you there to enjoy the fellowship!


Jireh Sports

We are making great progress towards our goal for Jireh Sports!  Please check out the details on the Jireh Sports Progress page to see what we still need!  Hats and scarves for boys is still our greatest need!   Our goal will be to have most of them made by the end of Summer, so we don’t have a ‘crunch’ time in November and December.


Tote Bags & Knitting Basics!

August is here!  Are you having a great Summer so far?  Starting to think about children going back to school?  Our Creative Workshop will be on August 9th, from 9:30 to 2:00 pm.  Please bring all necessary materials, supplies, your sewing machine, and of course your lunch!

Sewing Lesson: We will be doing Tote Bags assembly-line style (similar to what we did last year for pillowcases).  We were able to make a whole lot in a relatively short amount of time.  We do have some already, so it will be adding to what we already have!   Check out sales for medium to medium-heavy fabric – denim, twill, duck, even upholstery and drapery fabric!  These can be more flexible with fabric content, and do not need to be prewashed!  The totes also look really nice with contrasting pockets and straps, and you can play with solids, prints, appliques, etc!   Check out the Patterns page – both the Tote Bag and Tote Bag Extras patterns have been updated!  The Women at Wheeler have been so appreciative of your efforts!  They are really excited when we come bearing these gifts!

* Important: please have your Tote Bags cut out prior to our Creative Workshop!  It will help speed up the process of assembling!

JoAnn’s had their Duck Canvas on sale earlier this week – I hope you were able to take advantage of it!   Since it is 59″ wide, you would be able to make at least 3 tote bags with 1 yard of fabric.  However, there is a way to make 4: once you cut off the selvage, you should be able to cut 4 Tote Bags 36″ long (so there’s no bottom seam) by 14″ to 14.5″ wide.  I have often adjusted the size some depending on the size of fabric available.  The size range that Wheeler requests is 13″ x 15″, to 15″ x 18″, so if they’re somewhere in that range, it should be fine.

For straps, I’ve been cutting them 4″ wide by 15″ to 18″ long.  Pockets are cut about 8.5″ x 10″.  See the Tote Bag Extras pattern for details on both of these.  It’s been fun using contrasting fabric to make each Tote Bag more unique!

In addition to incorporating contrasting pockets and straps, you may also add whatever other decorations you would like!  We’ve had people adding stencils, applique, quilted motifs, quilted pockets, and having both inside and outside pockets.  The variety has been wonderful! 

So try getting 1 yard of several fabrics, mix and match, be creative!


Knitting Lesson: Building on the Basics in Knitting – how to make a gauge swatch and measure gauge, how to change colors in your work, joining yarns together without knotting, estimating how much yarn you need to finish a row or to make a project, and how to read a yarn label.

You will need to bring:

About 5 ounces each in two different yarn colors of worsted weight (Group 4) yarn

  • A variety of knitting needle sizes – for example, 7, 8, and 9
  • Yarn needle
  • tape measure
  • pencil and paper

Bookmarks:Bookmarks for the women at Wheeler Mission.  This has been great, and I think some are also making them on their own!  We’ve had fun, and created some unique and pretty bookmarks!  If you would like to try something very easy, with no skill required, this is for you!  Supplies and materials will be provided, just bring your willingness and imagination!



For September, we will be doing Pillowcases.   Check out sales for cotton fabric, and make sure to prewash it first!  If you get 1 1/4 yards of two fabrics that coordinate, you can make two pillowcases with contrasting bands.

* Please try to have your Pillowcases cut out prior to our Creative Workshop!  It will help speed up the process of assembling!

Please feel free to look through your ‘stash’ of fabric!  I will be going through mine, and will be happy to share!