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Come Create With Us!

Do you sew, quilt, knit, or crochet?   Do you want to learn?   Here is an opportunity to use your talents, learn new skills, share with others and donate to a worthy cause.  We make needed items and donate them to different organizations.   Our goal is to lift people’s spirits with these gifts, and show them Christ’s love, caring, and generosity.   Anyone who has a giving heart and loves to create is welcome!

If this is your first visit, and you want to learn more about us, click here.

See the Current Projects and Patterns pages for information on what Projects we are working on!   Please remember that regardless of the ‘lessons’ at a particular Creative Workshop, you may work on any project you desire!  Please do come and be a part of the social time, we want you there to enjoy the fellowship!


Jireh Sports

Update!!  We are DONE!!  Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!  Stay tuned for any updates!


“Finishing” Your Quilt, More Granny “Squares”!

Our Creative Workshop is coming up on November 8th, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm!   Last month we had fun making Heart Pillows and Granny Squares!  Awesome!  This month: for sewers – Finishing your Quilt!   What do you do after the quilt top is done?  Continue reading…

For crocheters – more Granny Squares?!?  Did you know you can also make Granny Squares in the shape of a Triangle, Hexagon and Octagon?  Wow!  Continue reading…

Sewing Lesson: Finishing your Quilt.  OK, you’ve completed your quilt top, now what??  We’ll share some basic instructions, tips & tricks on finishing your quilt.  There are many different options on finishing a quilt: do you want a “Pillowcase” finish, or a traditional quilt sandwich with binding?  How do you want to quilt it?  Tie it by hand or machine?  Stitch-in-the-Ditch?  Outline stitching?  Decorative stitching – this is an opportunity to use some of those fancy stitches on your sewing machine?  Embroidery?  There are many ways to finish a quilt – almost as many as there are quilters!  Please come and share your ideas and your style!

Please bring:
* A completed quilt top
* Coordinating backing fabric measuring at least 2″-3″ larger then your quilt top
* Batting measuring at least 3″-4″ larger then your quilt top

You will have an opportunity to “practice” first!  Please bring some cotton fabric scraps to practice on:
* A square around 6″-8″
* Enough 2″-3″ strips to sew a border around it
* A 12″-14″square of backing fabric
* A 12″-14″square of batting

If you have a Walking foot, or Dual Feed foot that fits your machine, please bring that as well – it makes the quilting so much easier!  Also bring your sewing machine and all necessary materials and supplies.  We do have some sewing machines available for anyone to use.

I know some of you already have experience in quilting!  You have your own way of approaching quilting, your own style, your tips, tricks and strategies!  I would love for you to share too – even bring a handout if you choose!  If anyone has some experience with Free-Motion quilting, that would be awesome!  I certainly don’t know everything there is to know about quilting – I’m constantly learning as well!


Crochet Lesson: More Adventures with Granny “Squares” – Triangle, Hexagon, Octagon

2 – 4 colors of worsted weight (group 4) yarn
Size G, H, and I crochet hooks

Granny squares can be made in more shapes than just squares!  We will learn how to make the triangle, hexagon, and octagon.  We will discuss interesting ways to combine the different shapes for various projects.


Bookmarks: These are beautiful!  Come and see!

Bookmarks for the women at Wheeler Mission.  We’re have quite a few of them, thank you for your help!  We’ve had fun, and created some unique and pretty bookmarks!  If you would like to try something very easy and creative with no skill required, this is for you!  Supplies and materials will be provided, just bring your willingness and imagination!